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Welcome to the Mama Motivation page. You've made it here, and that means you're different. You don't settle for mediocre, you strive for better each day.  As mothers there are so many areas within our lives that need our attention. We have to be on our A-game to keep up with it all. Get ready to hear the motivation you need to design the life you deserve.

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Episode 6: Don't Buy into the Myth that you Have to do it All 

Well, hey there! I am so excited to share this new episode with you. If you’re new to the podcast, my name is Sheena Walenta and I started this Mama Motivation podcast to help women and mothers everywhere design the life that they deserve and live a life with more joy and less overwhelm. This episode is about asking for help when you need it and learning to receive help.  

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Episode 2: Eliminate Time Leaks & Focus Energy into Where it Matters

We are all busy, our plates are so full. So how do you manage your time effectively so you can accomplish important things each day? In this episode I discuss how to identify time leaks you may currently have, and how to reshape your thinking of where your time could be better spent.

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