Life Doesn’t Make You Happy – YOU Must Create Happiness

I truly believe the secret to a happy life is gratitude. Being thankful for the small things around us on a daily basis can, and will, bring us joy. We often walk around with blinders on and go through our day-to-day minutia of life. But, if we don’t stop to smell the roses or noticed the small little gifts that life bring, life just simply isn’t worth living.
Today I am grateful for
1) Seeing life in color. Here in Southern California we’ve had a lot of rain over the last few months and so the plant life is so vibrant and so green and the flowers are so bright that It truly looks like the Avatar movie. 🌷 🌻 🌱

2) The Eskimo kiss my boy gave me when I dropped him off at school this morning.

3) The ability to move my body and use my strong legs.

4) Music 🎶

5) Affection – like holding my spouse’s hand, petting my dog, or receiving a nice back rub.  🐕

Life doesn’t bring you happiness, YOU must make happiness. And it’s done by practicing gratitude everyday and noticing the small things around you everyday.  Often people don’t realize what they have until it’s gone. What if you only had 6 months left to live?  What would you appreciate?  Start appreciating that stuff today. Because it’s that everyday stuff that truly matters.

What are you grateful for today? Shoot me a comment here >  I personally read and respond to all of them.

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