Ep 8: Having CLARITY is Like Having Bumpers on your Bowling Lane – it Prevents you from Falling into the Gutter

Craft your life instead of becoming someone by accident.  Get the CLARITY worksheet below.


Clarity means having direction in you life. Like when you go bowling with your kids, the bumpers keep the ball moving down the lane in the right direction. It’s important to have the tools to keep the ball moving forward.

In this episode we talk about 4 strategies to having clarity for your life. Everyday we get distracted, but we need the road map so we don’t lose our way.

1) Find you passion! Look back at what you were passionate about as a child. Write down a list of the things you gravitated towards or lost yourself in.

2) Write down 3 words that describe the best of who you are or the aspiration you. These 3 identifier, or clarity words, should become your mantra. Put them on your mirror with a whiteboard marker, stick them on a post-it-note on your computer, set alarms in your phone.

3) I want to be. . . [Enter answer here]
Write down the steps you need to take to get from point A to point B. Create a plan. What do you have to learn? What skills do you need to acquire? Write down your plan.

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