Ep 9: Two Things to Do in the Morning

Failing to plan is planning to fail.  If we don’t plan for our day, or plan for our future, we most certainly will fail.

Did you know the brain has no concept of time? You will write down a to-do list a mile long and then attempt to get it all done without stopping to think about how much time each task takes.

Start each morning with 10 minutes to plan out your day. I discuss how to do this in two steps:

  1. Do a brain dump
  2. Highlight all the things that are MUSTS for that day.  Then stick those highlighted items in your planner that is broken down by the half hour.

So what’s the difference between journaling and planning?  Journaling is when you sit down and listen to your inner wisdom. It matters less about what you write down, but more about just writing freely and listening to your inner-voice.  That voice that is in touch with your emotions and subconscious.

Planning is also a form of writing. But it is done in a much different way.


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